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TCU campus buildings fall into two categories for cleaning times and types of cleaning. Our housekeeping staff provides cleaning for some campus buildings during the day. Others are cleaned on the evening shift, depending on the facility and the needs of each building's tennants. Emergency personnel are available at most times to provide non-routine services and respond to trouble calls.

Housekeepers are divided into teams.  Each team is responsible for cleaning certain campus buildings. The Building/Supervisor List will provide your building's team information and cleaning times.


Team Cleaning

Campus buildings are cleaned using the Team Cleaning method.

In Team Cleaning, each individual on the cleaning staff performs a specific task. These tasks are broken down into specialized positions as follows:

  • Light Duty Specialists: Dusting, emptying trash, spot cleaning.

  • Vacuum Specialists: Vacuuming carpets and hard surface floors.

  • Restroom Specialists: Cleaning, sanitizing and restocking supplies in restrooms.

  • Utility Specialists: Cleaning building entrances, spot cleaning glass, mopping hard surface floors, extracting carpets and removing collected trash from the building.

Why Team Cleaning?

Team members can be easily trained and become more skilled at performing specific tasks while their efficiency increases.

The end result is a cleaner and healthier building.


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