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Response time for completing Service or Work orders is 48 hours.  However, as our schedule permits, we may complete a request in less time.

We lend chairs and registration tables on a limited basis.  You may request the use of a maximum of 4 tables and 10 chairs per event, as we receive requests from many departments and our stock is not large.

When your Work request requires the use of risers, podiums, banners, flags, etcetera, please get prior approval from the appropriate departments for usage and include this in your initial request to Facility Services.

Facility Services responds to requests regarding moving furniture, setting up events, discarding damaged or unwanted items, etc.

Desks, file cabinets, credenzas and any large items must be empty before they can be moved from one office to another, or to a different floor or building, to eliminate the possibility of damage to the items.

Work orders will be completed as requested in writing.  Because their time is tightly scheduled, the moving crew can only respond to the request on the service/work order in hand.  If you have any additional needs at the time the crew arrives at  your work site, please submit a new request via e-mail by completing a Customer Service Request on AiM at in the left-hand column.

Facility Services does not store furniture etc. for long term.  Items we pick up are tagged for re-issue for University use.  Any exception should be requested in writing via e-mail to Andy Easley,


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